Central woman pulls off daring rescue as floodwaters rise

Scottie Hunter reports on flooding in Central - 10 p.m.

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - People in Central are bracing for the next round of rain with water already at the front door of some residents.

Swings are nearly swamped and trampolines almost overtaken in Pam Leavy's backyard after floodwaters surged onto her six-acre property.

"At any point if it gets too high we've got to leave," Leavy said.

She spent all night monitoring the rain, hoping the water wouldn't invade her home.

"It's real frustrating to not be able to not know what's going to happen. 'You know how deep is it going to get?' and I stayed up all night with a flashlight making hourly trips to see how high the bayou had gotten and how much water was coming on the property," she added.

Many of the trips were to roundup her cats, but she said the most important journey into the weather came in the middle of the night when she evacuated her daughter from a nearby house.

"She's in a wheelchair. She's got a lift van so we just loaded her power chair up in the lift van and moved the van out," Leavy said.

Minutes later, the road was impassable. The daring rescue and her quick thinking came just in time. She said keeping a close eye on what was happening made the difference.

"I was just watching it and staying up all night and coming out making rounds," she said. "I mean I made rounds everywhere including as far as I could get to the back. You really don't know what you're stepping in. The water's not clear so you can't see what's under your feet. We kind of like stayed on the part where I knew there was grass because so figures that might hold up a little bit better."

With cleanup already underway, she's just glad her daughter and her animals are safe.

"Everybody's accounted for. That's the main thing is that you know all the animals are safe the people are safe and it's just surveying the damage after it's gone," she said.

Leavy said she was able to move her daughter further away from the floodwaters to her father's home once the rains slowed.

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