Woodlawn High students raise money to install clean water well in Africa

Woodlawn High students raise money for water well in Africa

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Students at Woodlawn High are attempting to make a difference for their counterparts in Africa.

A few weeks ago, these students began raising money by selling bracelets, with money going to build a water well for a community in Africa.

Through this and other fundraising efforts, they were able to raise a grand total of $6,600.

"It's going to help them find clean water, cause whenever they do have water they have to walk miles just to get it," says Woodlawn High senior Ryan Williams. "And people are abused and raped on the way to get the water.  They have children doing it, and just all these other things that as Christians we shouldn't stand for.  So came up to us with the idea of making a water well.  We were like, that's an awesome idea."

Woodlawn students say the water well will be built near a school and training center for young adults.

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