EBRSO warns drivers about flooded roadways

EBRSO warns drivers about flooded roadways

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With plenty of rain falling Thursday and more expected through the weekend, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office wants to make sure drivers don't take chances on the roadway.

Roads were turned to ponds along Goodwood Boulevard in Baton Rouge. One of many spots expected to see even more rain over the next few days.

EBRSO is now on high alert, hoping to stay ahead of the severe weather threat.

"We have all of our equipment ready," EBRSO spokesperson Casey Hicks said. "We have extra patrols out to watch the streets and barricades if we need to put those out."

But even with everything in place, first responders are calling on the public's help to prevent incidents during this weather event.

"It's really important for the public to remember to not attempt to pass a barricade or go through high water in the roads because it's very dangerous," Hicks said.

While many drivers took their chances in several spots along Goodwood, Pamela Field is heeding the warning. A previous bad experience forced her to find a different route.

"I have before gone through it but not here. Somewhere else but there was nowhere else to turn around. It just stopped running for a couple of days. I think the wire system got wet," Field said.

Dozens of cars near Sherwood Forest Boulevard plowed straight through the rising waters, and whether a slow and steady or fast and furious approach, driving through standing water puts drivers and others in danger.

"When you go out there and we have vehicle accidents, we have vehicles that get stuck in the water. Then we have to take those patrol deputies that are responding to calls and they have to go out to that incident as well. So it is important to try not to unnecessarily ride the roads when the weather is bad," Hicks added.

EBRSO is urging the public to monitor television and radio broadcasts over the next few days for the latest information on the expected severe weather

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