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State Police roll out new auto insurance monitoring program


Louisiana State Police have unveiled their new auto insurance monitoring system.

The idea behind the new system is to make sure drivers are up to date paying on their insurance premiums.

State Police say that the new system will be rolled out in three phases starting with trial runs in Baton Rouge and Monroe.

State Troopers will soon be able to use the program followed by all law enforcement in the state of Louisiana.

Tfc. Bryan Lee says that their current system is not able to give law enforcement up-to-date information on a driver’s policy.

“This allows officers to be able to pull up that insurance policy. A lot of times, we will go out and you’re given a policy that’s good for a year or six months,” says Lee. “Prior to this database, we had no way of knowing that policy is still valid.”

A report recently released showed that more than 10 percent of Louisiana Drivers don’t have insurance. 

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