Police: Officer crashes while responding to call, possibly connected to SUV crashing into McDonald's

Multi-vehicle wreck involving police car
Source: Brandon LeBlanc
Source: Brandon LeBlanc

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It was a wild morning for some workers at a Baton Rouge McDonald's Thursday morning after a man drove through the lobby of the restaurant. It happened before sunrise, around 6 a.m., at the McDonald's on Florida Boulevard near Wooddale Boulevard.

Although it isn't unusual to see people in the drive-thru of the McDonald's, but this gives the phrase a whole new meaning.

"We come to get breakfast and that's what we see," said Vynita Thomas. "I heard there was a car at McDonald's and I was on my way to get breakfast anyway so I said, 'get up old man, let's go.'"

The restaurant had just opened for the morning rush. There were no customers inside, but workers were certainly startled by the surprise.

But what has really left everyone scratching their heads is the story behind the whole incident.

Baton Rouge Police Sergeant Don Coppola says the man driving the SUV had quite a tale to tell. The driver told police his family was being held hostage off of Sharp Lane, and he needed help so his thoughts were to intentionally drive into the McDonald's to get help for his family.

Police say the guy's family was never in danger and he made the whole thing up.

The crash into the McDonald's isn't the only scene from this incident.

Sgt. Coppola says an officer responding to the driver's cry for help for his family got into a crash on the way to check on the family.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt in either incident, but it is a sight for those who witnessed it and they won't soon forget.

The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. There is no word yet on what charges he may face once he is released.

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