Now's your chance to go to a Couchon de Lait!

Now's your chance to go to a Couchon de Lait!
Couchon de Lait (Source: LaCombe family)
Couchon de Lait (Source: LaCombe family)

FORDOCHE, LA (WAFB) - The weather seems perfect, and Cajuns are readying the spit. Janell Legier LaCombe died in 2001 of a rare form of cancer, says her widower husband J.C. LaCombe.

"She passed away at 49 years of age," he said, "She had a rare cancer. I call it the Superman's Wife cancer. It's the kind that sneaks up on ya. She never smoked, never worked in a chemical plant or nothing, was a house-wife. Then before anyone realized it she had lung cancer."

They grieved and vowed to fight cancer. So in 2002, a year after her death, a loving group of relatives and friends formed Nell's Angels and launched their first Couchon de Lait fundraiser.

For the people not sure what a Couchon de Lait is, it's a suckling pig, one that's very young and tender that's slow-roasted over a fire. The skin on the pig gets crispy and stays juicy because they marinate the pig throughout the roasting. The event in South Louisiana usually involves a large group of friends.

You make a fire that big, you want to roast more than one pig.

For that first fundraiser there were a couple hundred people there in Fordoche.

"We started off roasting 400 pounds of pig,"says LaCombe. "But now, it's expanded up to 800," he said because they expect several hundred people.

This pig roast happens Saturday, March 12 at the Red Monkey Bar in Fordoche. It's on Highway 77, a few miles north of Livonia and, as they CAN'T MISS IT!

They will start the grilling early, the official "event" starts around 11 a.m. All the money raised goes to the hospital in New Roads, to help cancer patients. Get this, they only charge $7 for the meal! You get pork; your choice of jambalaya or pastalaya, white beans and of course, a table full of sweets from which to choose.

Lacombe says "We're a small town. We want everybody to enjoy it. We have to stay reasonable on the price."

Nell's Angels has raised and donated more than $300,000 to people with cancer and to charities that help cancer patients. They raise money by hosting two fundraisers each year. The first Saturday in August they host a Co-Ed Softball Tournament/5k Fun Run and this one Couchon de-Lait in the spring.

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