BR Gallery's Collision of Words and Art

BR Gallery's Collision of Words and Art
(Source: Baton Rouge Gallery)
(Source: Baton Rouge Gallery)
(Source: Baton Rouge Gallery)
(Source: Baton Rouge Gallery)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Wednesday night, the sound of poetry will permeate the air at Baton Rouge Gallery in City Park. The Forward Arts group is helping BR gallery open its new exhibition "Logophilia." Now you might think this is art made of Coca Cola and other business signs, school mascot faces, and designer fashions, but it refers to its dictionary definition: "the love of words and word games." Think travelogue, log book, dialog, blog...

Six artists from Baton Rouge Gallery's own ranks were chosen for this exhibition because words crossed into their art.

You have Kelli Scott Kelley, who's mounting works created on linen bordered with intricate vintage hand-tatted lace. The delicate pictures she has framed on the fabric shows a fairy tale that Kelley wrote.

"The story is called Accalia and Swamp Monster," she said, "And it's an auto-biographical fairy tale based on my life experience with dreams. It's very surreal dream-like story."

Kelley says she hopes people who view her work will also let the images touch their own memories, perhaps spin their own stories.

Jacqueline Dee Parker has large and small artworks that are layered with papers and found objects she brings to her imagination's paint box. Parker said her art is delicate pastels with very fine abstract lines bordering the many papers she places in layers on the canvas.

Parker says her grandmother helped her begin by offering beautiful old papers she had kept over the years. The quality and texture of those old newspapers, magazines, sheet music fired Parker's imagination. That's when a collage artist was born.

Today, her grandmother's raw materials are gone, but Parker searches thrift stores, garage sales, ebay for her ideas.

She points to a wall of paintings near the 9News camera, "These pieces include a lot of the vintage papers, and little bits of sheet music. And all kinds of musical matter." Parker says, "Of lot of my work includes bits from player piano rolls, and even texts from those piano rolls. You'll find poems posted that I have written using those piano roll texts."

Those are just two of the artists in this group whose art shows what happens when words crash with visual ideas. "Logophilia" is sort of a breakaway kind of exhibition for Baton Rouge Gallery.

The Gallery is celebrating its Golden Anniversary, and executive director Jason Andreasen says this is only the first of several special exhibitions during this year-long celebration. The Gallery has grown over the years. "It first started in 1966 with a small group of about 12 artists and now in 2016, we're celebrating 50 years and an artist member roster of nearly 60."

So as Baton Rouge Gallery logs another 50 years, you can enjoy the way story, word puzzles, words wind their way into Logophilia, the exhibition hangs from now through the end of March.

Admission is free. The Exhibition opening with the poets and the artists is Wednesday March 2nd from 7-9 pm at BR Gallery at City Park. Check out BR Gallery's webpage for several more excellent panel discussions and special events!

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