“Food Heaven: In Memoriam”

Anthony's. A wonderful man named Anthony Robinson ran a BBQ joint on Winborne at Foster for a couple of years. The BEST ribs I ever had. Used a mixture of red oak and pecan wood with a dry rub of garlic, MSG, paprika and a hint of red pepper. Chicken ran a close second behind the ribs. He moved over to Greenwell Springs near the Hospital for a time and then packed it in. He goes by "piggy-boo" in the Neighborhood, and was Huey Wilson's personal cook for years. Anthony, if you're out there—Best of Luck to you. And PLEASE cook again…! America needs you.

Uncle Ben's Fried Chicken. I swear to you that I do not have a fried chicken "thang" going on. But Uncle Ben had some drop dead yardbird, you hear? I don't know how he did it, but in the 70s, his chicken joint on Nicholson was rockin'. If you know him or his recipes, please let me know. Excellence like that cannot just disappear into the ages.

Mickey's Gold Nugget. In a cruel twist of fate, Mickey's built up in (I believe) the same location that Uncle Ben's Fried Chicken abandoned. Everybody has steak, but Mickey's would develop a sauce for your steak. The Steak Diane is the one that makes me swoon. The LSU football program had some less-than-stellar years and Mickey's went by the wayside. Hey Mickey!! The Tigers are back!! Hint! Hint!

Frankie and Johnny's Fried Chicken. This was a little place behind WLBI Radio in Denham Springs in the late 70s. I swear that this was the most DIFFERENT taste to fried chicken I ever had. I remember that black pepper was prominent, and the rest of the spices just fade in my memory… Wonderful!