One And Done!

Lord knows the day will come when your dear Gourmet will have to eschew the spicy foods he craves in favor of Ensure and other such signs of advancing age. So in my middle age, I am constantly giving into my cravings. Here are the members of the Gallumphing Gourmet's All-America Team:

Hamburgers: Whataburger, Raoul's, Original New Orleans Po-Boys (Denham Springs)

Hot Dogs: Der Weinerschnitzel's Chili Cheese Dogs.

French Fries: Don't care what TV says. Der Weinerschnitzel has the best. Crunchy outside, tender outside, heavy salt. And with DW's chili and some cheese, they're unbeatable!

Buffalo Chicken Wings: Calendar's

Red Beans and Rice: Silver Moon Café. (You know, I've never tried the White Beans….)

Fried Chicken: Popeye's Spicy, Kentucky Fried Chicken Original, Dinner Bell (McComb MS) (If anyone knows how Frankie and Johnny's in Denham Springs seasoned their chicken back in the 70s, PLEASE write to me. I must know and have that taste again before I die!)

Barbecue: Dreamland Ribs, Sonny's Chicken, Hi-Ho's sliced beef and pork sandwiches (Hammond).

Gravy: Popeye's. No contest.

Salad: Obviously I don't do a lot of research here. But when the pounds get beside me, Waffle House has a GREAT salad (with hot chicken or other meat) on top. Also, try the Plantation Salad at Calendar's.

Gumbo: Copeland's, Silver Moon Café

Boiled Crawfish: Tony's Seafood, hands down!! (Don't forget to pick up a bucketful of boudin balls, too!)

Sausage: Benoit's in Brusly. Get the Hot Pork! (Oh my goodness…!)

Salsa: Fernando's.

Donuts: Krispy Kreme (If they're fresh made and still warm… Just kill me before I start the second dozen.)

Barbecue Sauce: D. L. Jardine's Beer-B-Q or 5 Star Sauce. Stubbs Original. Dreamland.

Soft Drinks: Anything carbonated out of the fountain at Waffle House. It just tastes better. The fountain at the old James Drugs Store in Denham Springs, (now James' grill) is right up there.

Fried Shrimp: Julian's in Lafayette. I don't know what they're doing over there, but please bottle it and put it in the Smithsonian for future safekeeping. They taste like what God intended shrimp to taste like. Popeye's runs a close second here…

Misc Goodness:

Appetizers: Many a time has Mrs. GG been embarrassed by yours truly ordering up another appetizer for dessert. Buffalo Chicken Wings from Calendar's. The Mexican Fundido (with beef) at Fernando's. The Fried Cheese at Pasta Garden.

Copeland's Shrimp Ducky. (Hey Al: please bring back the Cajun Duckanof! Oh the humanity of it!)

Mariner's Kickin' Chicken Sandwich (Hammond) Many thanks to the lovely and gracious Ms. Blair for bringing this one onto GG's radar.

Pasta Garden 's Veal Saltinbocca. This or Shrimp Ducky would be my last meal on this earth… Make sure you get a copy of PG's cookbook before you leave. Best $9 you'll ever invest. (Please add the Crawfish Giovanni. I miss it terribly—but it IS in the cookbook!)