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Former state Senator and ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert endorses Trump for president

Troy Hebert (Source: WAFB) Troy Hebert (Source: WAFB)

Former state Senator and former ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert released a statement Friday saying he is endorsing Donald Trump for president. 

"America needs a proven businessman to tackle a $19 trillion dollar debt, create good jobs and run government like a business. Trump not only has the experience to do these things, but he has the guts to take on the establishment that got us into this mess. His stance on securing our borders and standing up for us against unfair trade practices that cost American jobs just makes common sense.

"If I am elected to the U.S. Senate, I will fight alongside President Trump to reign in government and make it work for the people again instead of us working for the government.

"Some candidates in this Senate race won’t pick a horse because they are afraid it may hurt their election. I think those of us who have had enough of the same old politicians running our country into the ground can’t afford to not take a strong stand on who will lead it. The politicians have had their turn, it is time to elect real business people."

Hebert left his post at the ATC at the end of 2015 after serving as the head of the state’s alcohol and tobacco regulatory agency five years. 

Hebert served as a Louisiana State Senator at the time of his appointment by Governor Bobby Jindal to ATC’s top spot in November, 2010. 

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