Residents pick up, start over after tornado rips through Convent, La.

Residents pick up, start over after tornado rips through Convent, La.

CONVENT, LA (WAFB) - A lot of people were picking up and starting over as Convent residents tried to return back to normal following Tuesday's powerful tornado.

The National Weather Service told local officials that it was a high-end EF 2 tornado that touched down. In fact, they were back out accessing the damage as well as as local officials trying to get a full count as to the damage.

Just a few streets down from Sugar Hill RV lot where there is a lot of damage

One home on was flattened by the tornado with only a sink left standing. Wallace Jones was inside and watched the tornado from down the cane field.

"I started hearing a roaring noise like a noise. So as the roaring got louder, I looked to my left and I seen the bigger one, the bigger one stayed in the corner spinning," Jones said.

He said seconds later he was blown out of the house through a wall. He landed about 20 feet from his home.

"It blew me into that ditch and I was able to stay there and cover my face. The way I landed, I landed on my face, not my back," Jones said.

While in a ditch, he said the tornado passed over him and leaving behind a path of destruction. However, he's not worried about his loss. Instead, he's counting his blessings.

"It wasn't nothing but the grace of god because the way I landed on the ground, he allowed me to stay there till it passed over me," Jones said. "Had I looked up to see what was coming, something would have probably killed me."

The St. James Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness said that Sugar Hill RV lot could hold 160 RVs in the lot and they were told at least 130 were destroyed or damaged as many were flipped upside down.

One man's trailer flipped upside down while he was inside. All that's left were pilings, stairs and the trailer in what looked like a big pile of debris.

The man was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition in the ICU. He received more than 30 stitches after his neighbors came in and pulled him out from underneath all the debris.

The gas lines along the streets were turned off as a precautionary measure and power was expected to be restored by 5 p.m. Thursday.

A senior center was transformed into headquarters for volunteers, which are in need.

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