Amazing Kids: Dylan Miller

Amazing Kids: Dylan Miller

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Most of us have tried solving it.  Many have failed. If you're like me you've might of thrown it down in disgust and never picked it up again. But for 11 year old Dylan Miller the Rubik's Cube is a puzzle worth solving.

"He's a great student, very inquisitive, naturally curious about everything, loves his Rubik's cube, practices it all the time," said Dylan's father Marshall

"In the very beginning it was quite tough. I didn't really understand it but I had seen a lot of videos and I just couldn't put it on to the actual puzzle. But I know how to do it. I just couldn't do it," said Dylan.

Now Dylan can do it faster than most people in the world. He ranks 220th in the world in the two by two cube and 330th in the world in the three by three.  That's kids and adults.

"2015 my average was 30 seconds. 2016 my most recent competition I had a 10 average," said Dylan.

"I think if he keeps it up and keeps up the practice he could probably set a world record one day," Marshall said.

Dylan wants that world record.

"For single it's 4.90 seconds and then for average it's 6.54 seconds," he said.

Dylan needs to shave off a little more than one and half seconds on his best single time. That doesn't seem like a lot, but in the world of Rubik's cubes that's an eternity.

Dylan hopes to compete in the National competition in Portland Oregon this July. But there's a catch.

"My parents and I made a deal that if I got all A's I could go.  So I completed that so far, but still have another half a year to go," said Dylan.

It's almost a certainty that Dylan will be hitting the books and the cube hard to end the academic year.

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