Several business in Ascension Parish sustain severe weather damage

Cheryl Mercedes reports on severe weather damage in Ascension Parish - 6 p.m.

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - Several businesses, including Gold's Gym in Prairieville, were hit hard by Tuesday's severe weather in Ascension Parish

The roof of the gym was blow off as a couple dozen people were still working out at Gold's Gym Tuesday afternoon. The wall on the side of the building could not handle the high winds either.

Several other businesses across the street from the gym were damaged. High winds ripped through Kean's the cleaners and also did some significant damage to cars parked nearby. No one was hurt, but it is certainly an experience a lot of people won't soon forget.

"By that time I took my headphones out and I could hear the roof start coming apart. It was that quick," said John Kitto, a member at Gold's Gym. "By the time I looked up, I could see the roof was peeling up and then the far wall blew out and everyone was running back toward the center to get to the bathroom."

Cars outside a nearby auto shop were also damaged with busted windows and even bumpers. Some of the cars that were damaged belonged to workers at the Popeye's next door. Workers and customers in the Popeye's hit the coolers to escape the weather.

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