Iberville inmates moved while parish jail undergoes upgrades

Iberville inmates moved while jail undergoes upgrades
Source: James Sparvero/WAFB
Source: James Sparvero/WAFB

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - All 99 inmates of the Iberville Parish Jail are locked up behind a different set of bars.

The men and women were transferred Sunday morning from the parish jail to prisons hours away in northern Louisiana.

Sheriff Brett Stassi says they were moved to give crews space to clean out asbestos and work on the jail's heating and cooling systems.

It's the first upgrade of its kind in the jail's 40-year history.

"We're going to be changing out all the piping involved in the water, air cooling system," said Sheriff Stassi.

He expects upgrades to take a few days, maybe a week.

While inmates are away, it will cost the parish $24 a day per inmate to look after them.

That's six-times more than when they're kept in Iberville.

"The parish council as well as the parish president decided that for the safety and to ease the minds of all concerned, including my employees, we'd move them out," said Sheriff Stassi.

The sheriff says there was never a severe threat of asbestos exposure to any inmates.

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