Local and state leaders want to create safe haven for human trafficking victims

Local and state leaders want to create safe haven for human trafficking victims

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In what could be considered a 'field of dreams,' a group of local and state leaders unveiled a project to help some of the most vulnerable people in our state - human trafficking victims.

The leaders hope to have a home for victims of human trafficking up and running by July. The location in Louisiana is secret for security reasons.

A group of catholic sisters will live at what's being called "Metanoia".

Father Jeff Bayhi is helping to lead the effort.

"In the state of Louisiana, almost 40% of our juveniles were trafficked by the primary caregivers," he said.

"This is not a Catholic institution, we're taking care of kids. We don't care what color you are, what religion you are or background you come from, we're taking care of kids. Kids who are in need."

Metanoia leaders say in order to build this a one-of-a-kind refuge for victims of trafficking, they are still in need of some financial support, including help from construction professionals. The goal is to build a house where 16 girls can stay in a private setting and receive the care they need to eventually return to society, fully healed.

The girls will be supervised and nurtured by 4 nuns who have volunteered their service to Metanoia.

"God created us to be free and some of them, on their way, lost their freedom," one nun said. "We want to help them to be healthy and live free again."

If you would like to help support the effort or need more information click HERE.

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