POLL: Louisiana voters favor $1.25-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes

POLL: Louisiana voters favor $1.25-per-pack tax increase on cigarettes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies of Virginia shows Louisiana voters support a $1.25 cigarette tax increase to help close Louisiana's budget shortfalls.

The poll was conducted from January 28 to 31, with 73% of 500 Louisiana voters saying they support the higher tax on cigarettes. Pollsters say that breaks down to 72% of republicans, 68% of independents, and 77% of democrats who support the higher tax.

When asked about other options to address the budget deficit, like spending cuts to medicaid, college scholarships, the DFCS, and road improvements, poll administrators say such things were met with "strong opposition", while more than half say they "strongly favor" increasing the tobacco tax.

97% of the voters polled said that the state's current budget crisis is a "serious issue" with 83% saying it is a "very serious issue."

The survey found that 8% of polled voters said they were most opposed to raising the cigarette tax, which ties with the favorability of raising the state alcohol tax, and 29% say the tobacco tax would be the one they are least opposed to increasing.

While the cigarette tax was popular among those polled, 68% of those polled preferred that the Louisiana Legislature should look into cutting state spending, while 23% say they would like to see lawmakers raise taxes.

Additionally, those polled say they would be more likely to support a candidate for political office who supported a $1.25-per-pack cigarette increase, while they would be more likely to oppose one who didn't.

61% polled who call themselves smokers say they support a $1.25-per-pack increase, with 77% of non-smokers supporting the same proposed tax increase.

More poll questions, as well as full results can be found HERE.

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