Experts discuss combating HIV at BR Rotary Club

Experts discuss combating HIV at BR Rotary Club

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - HIV continues to be a major issue in the Capital City and in Louisiana.

Some of the leading causes for the spread of the disease were discussed Wednesday at the Baton Rouge Rotary Club.

Experts said that people with HIV may not know they have it and those are the people most likely to give it to someone else.

They say that testing is one of the leading ways to combat the disease.

Experts said there is also a huge stigma that comes with HIV.

"Stigma is huge. People don't want to just freely come out and get tested. We have to make them feel comfortable about the fact that they can come and get tested. They'll be no discrimination," said Rene Taylor, executive director of Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge has one of the highest rates of AIDS and HIV in the nation.

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