VIDEO: La. rapper's music video about paying off student loans goes viral

VIDEO: La. rapper's music video about paying off student loans goes viral

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Just about everyone who has attended college has, in some form, owed money. With student loans comes the benefit of talking to the lenders a few times a week if you miss a payment. Sometimes you get someone nice, but the phone calls... the dreaded phone calls... are the ones you feel guilty for ignoring.

LSU alumnus and former Baton Rouge middle school teacher David "Dee-1" Augustine released a new music video last week about his student loan experience.

After making the minimum payment on his loans each month, Dee-1 signed a record deal and decided to pay off his loan. He finished paying #SallieMaeBack. He decided to make a music video, which has now gone viral. Former LSU football player Corey Webster makes a cameo in the video. Webster won a National Championship with LSU and two Super Bowls with the New York Giants.

Sallie Mae responded to his Facebook post announcing his video.

Sallie Mae Dee-1We're all in the office singing along with you! Love, love, love the hook. Congratulations on your success! #SallieMaeBack#Dee1Nation Temeka & the Sallie Mae team

Dee-1 grew up in New Orleans and went to Benjamin Franklin High School. He then went to LSU and got his degree in marketing. A few months before he graduated from LSU, he decided he wanted to teach. He began teaching math and life skills at Baker Middle School. He said he saw the kids needed more positive, relatable role models to look up to.

"The kids looked up to rappers the most, so rapping was the area I felt like I could have the most impact on the culture," said Dee-1.

Dee-1's website goes into why he made the change from teaching to becoming a full-time rapper.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a bachelor's degree, Dee-1 taught middle school in Baton Rouge by day to help fund his musical dream. After two years of being "Mr. Augustine" by day and "Dee-1″ by night, he finally decided that his passion for hip-hop was too strong to ignore. Armed with righteousness, realness, and the strong desire to be relevant, Dee-1 set his sights on becoming the type of rapper his students could be proud of. Sleepless nights being a full-time teacher and part-time rapper were now replaced by sleepless nights being a "full-time dream chaser," as chronicled in his courageous song, "The Announcement." from his I Hope They Hear Me Vol 1 mixtape.

Dee-1 is now in Atlanta recording a debut album under RCA records. The album is set to release this year.

As for what is next for Dee-1, he says he will continue pushing the #SallyMaeBack video and will finish recording his album.

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