Execution scheduled for convicted serial killer could be delayed

Execution scheduled for convicted serial killer could be delayed

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The execution of a death row inmate could be delayed, according to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

Convicted serial killer Daniel Blank, 53, was scheduled to be executed on March 14. However, in a news release, the DPS&C said they do not have the drugs necessary to carry the execution out.

Safety and Corrections officials say that despite this, they still have a protocol they follow relating to carrying out a death warrant.

"In the case of Offender Daniel Blank, it is our intention to proceed with that protocol until legal actions dictate otherwise. Due to ongoing death penalty litigation, the Department cannot comment any further regarding this issue," said officials in a news release.

Blank admitted to killing six people, Victor Rossi, 41, Barbara Bourgeois, 58, Lillian Philippe, 71, Sam Arcuri, 76, Louella Arcuri, 69, and Joan Brock, 55, in Gonzales, St. Amant, LaPlace and Paulina between 1996 and 1997. He was arrested in November 1997 and sentenced to death in 1999.

"The key issue is this [execution] date. We have worked very hard to get it stayed," said Blank's attorney Gary Clements. "[Blank] is in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court now to go against what happened to him in court. We have filed a RID, which is like an appeal, and it was filed on February 1. There is no reason why an execution date should have been set."

Clements told WAFB they are still trying to prove Blank's innocence. Clements says what Blank actually admitted to and what the evidence actually was does not match up.

The RID has been filed with the 23rd JDC and the Louisiana Supreme Court.

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