BR Green opens its popular online Native Tree Sale

BR Green opens its popular online Native Tree Sale
Source: Amy Loe
Source: Amy Loe
Rick Webb, proprietor of Louisiana Growers, showing us around some of his plants. (Source: Amy Loe)
Rick Webb, proprietor of Louisiana Growers, showing us around some of his plants. (Source: Amy Loe)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Temperatures may be zooming up and down in South Louisiana, but Baton Rouge Green is mounting its 14th Annual Spring Online Tree Sale.

This year's crop includes 30 varieties of trees and shrubs with hard to find natives and fruit and nut trees as well as popular favorites.

BR Green's Amy Loe says even with the Yo-Yo temperatures, South Louisiana's weather still is cool enough to act like it is spring.

Even though it's a little warm, Loe says it's time to plant, because "there's no better time than the cooler months. The trees won't be under so much stress."

Native trees offer the very good chance the tree will love the ground where you plant it. They originated here, and our mix of clays, river silt and other sediments is just right.

Loe says it doesn't really matter if you've never tried to plant a tree before. She says that it is actually pretty easy.

"I think the biggest misconception, one thing when I was taught, is that the hole needs to be a lot less shallow than most people think. You want the hole to be wider and more shallow."

That means the hole you dread digging is not as big a job as you might expect.

As growing room that might be needed for your new tree, Loe recommends reading the paperwork that comes with your tree.

"The space you need depends on the tree. When you look at specifications for a tree, it will tell you how tall and how big the span of that tree will be."

Loe says Baton Rouge Green is very careful to get the very best plant stock. Members have long standing relationships with growers from this region and this year all trees are coming from three wholesale nurseries within a 100 mile radius. They are coming from Bracy's Nursery's industrial sized operation, to the fine-tuned efforts of Rick Webb's Louisiana Growers to keep things native, to the 54 years of experience and innovation of Jenkins Farm & Nursery led by the venerable Margie Jenkins.

In case you need to be reminded, trees add value to your property and have very pleasing aesthetic traits. They also process carbon dioxide and return it to our atmosphere for human consumption.

Ready to shop? You can either wait until Baton Rouge Green's Fall sale in where you can walk around and select a tree to take home, or shop online. Check out the availability list and place your orders at through March 9th.

Orders may be picked up from 3-6 pm on March 17th from the LSU Burden Center at 4560 Essen Ln.

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