BREC hosts first-ever Footgolf tournament

BREC hosts first-ever Footgolf tournament

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you have ever driven by a BREC golf course and thought you saw an meteor crater, it's actually the latest rage in America. They're called Footgolf courses.

Golf, with its clubs, special shoes, and clothing that might seem like a suburban uniform does not attract millennials and 30-somethings in great numbers, but kicking a soccer-sized ball across giant green expanses of grass has proven very appealing.

Hence, BREC is hosting its first-ever Footgolf Tournament, prizes and everything, February 13th, Saturday, at City Park.

Jack Terry, with BREC, says, "We have had Foot Golf at City Park and Clark Park Golf Courses for about 6 months.  The holes are situated adjacent and around the regular golf course; the holes are bigger; basically you tee off like golf to the Foot Golf hole.  You keep score like golf."

Terry says it has wide appeal in Baton Rouge because youth soccer is so popular.  Well when young people graduate out of youth soccer leagues, if they don't play BREC soccer and try their luck with the fancy footwork of Footgolf.

"Soccer players love it.  We've seen Moms, Dads, Grandparents, children, teens, college students, men and women all playing together and having fun.  You should try it!"

Want to watch a tournament first?  Want to play and just learn as you go?

The tournament starts at 11:30 am. It costs $45 to register.  But registration takes care of green fees, a meal and prizes.

There is an optional $9 cart rental.  I assume that is first come, first serve, since there is not an infinite supply of carts.

Competition is open to men and women ages 14 and older. Prizes include gift cards and medals in both men and women's divisions.

BREC has even set up a footgolf online center for info.  Check out and and BREC's Facebook page.

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