Just So You Know

I am a fellow who loves food. I don't go in much for advertising hype, and I couldn't care less about whether it's sugar-free or dolphin-free. No carbs are no fun, and fat free is fun free. I care about what's on the plate, how good it is and how much it costs. Do you get a good meal for a great deal? If you do, I'm your boy.

Please understand that this is NOT a restaurant review page. You won't find anything negative about these establishments. This is my way of telling folks where I eat, the food I enjoy, and why I think it's special.

These are not just Cajun or barbecue joints. Dozens of different cultures and cuisines are setting up restaurants here. That's because, culinarily speaking, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

If you're from outside the Baton Rouge area or you're a local who doesn't get out much, let me take you to these hidden, delicious corners of South Central Louisiana .

This is also a good way to write out my food fantasies and get my nutritionist off my back.