Killed for His Car

For most people, it's hard to believe that a car could be valued over a human life. It's a fact though, one that plays out far too often, as it did earlier this month when a young man's car and his life were stolen.

In the area around Club Raggs near the 2600 block of Plank Road, the Friday night scene is usually alive with all kinds of activity.  It's a popular hangout, and in the early morning hours of Saturday March 5th, 22-year-old Terrin Fortenberry was among the many in the area.

According to Baton Rouge police detective John Coulter, "He was participating in what the young kids call 'blocking.'  It's a promenade around the popular clubs in town."

When they're out there in their cars or trucks, "blocking," they come down Wenonah, head to Plank, and do it all over again.  It's all about being seen. Unfortunately for Terrin, the ride forever ended that night.

Stopped at an intersection, somebody came up to him and demanded he get out of his car.  "When he did not comply immediatly, for whatever reason, that person fired one shot form a long barreled weapon," says Coulter.

The shooter then dumped Terrin's body on the road, and stole his car. It was found several hours later at a BREC park off of Oak View, stripped of it's electronics. Terrin was killed for his car.

"I didn't believe it, couldn't believe that somebody would hurt him," says his father, Homer Scott.  "I was hoping that it was a mistake."

It wasn't a mistake.  A mother and father had their son ripped from them.  Terrin's mother, Diedre Fortenberry, says, "He was a good child, didn't bother nobody. I wish whoever did it, they would find them, or come forward and bring themselves in."

Police believe the area Terrin was in has everything to do with his murder. High end cars and people being showcased.

"It's very significant in that it's a target-rich environment for people that want to do something like this," says Detective Coulter. "The person who did this is not someone you want to protect. If he can do this to this young man, he's going to start worrying about who knows he did it."

Chilling words of what could lay ahead if this killer is not found. If you think you can help Baton Rouge police, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP. You can remain anonymous and you may be eligible for a reward of up to 1,000 dollars.

Reporter:  Matt Williams