Riverside Patty

This place has forced me into diet mode about a half-dozen times. (If my nutritionist Carolyn is reading this page—consider Riverside 'Exhibit A.')

Omigosh, these are some of the deadliest hamburgers known to man. Killers, one and all. The staff here cooks to order, and these burgers are expertly done. The patties are so big, that they are just done on the inside, while being just slightly charred on the outside. Add that to a golden bun crisped on the grill, fresh tomatoes and lettuce, and some of the big steak-type fries (you know the ones) and what you've got is a semi-work of art.

Many of my lunching companions have faced "The Choice." "Do I finish the burger and have the fries, or just 86 the fries and tackle that juicy sucker whole." Many a potential next wife has been eliminated from my list here by making the wrong choice.

Yes, they have things besides burgers if you're dragging your office mate along and she's worried about plumping up. There's po-boys and such, but you need to consider therapy if you pass up the "special with cheese."

Insider tip: call in your order for pickup. As stated, these are cooked to order, so ordering in line and waiting at your table for these whoppers (sorry..) to be brought 'round could eat up a good chunk of your lunch hour.

Riverside is located on historic old Third Street just north of Florida Boulevard. Look for their sky-blue awning out front.