Some people don't know that they've got a great product.. At a ridiculously low price. And I won't be the first one to tell them, 'cause then they'll change everything and you will all be mad at me.

So—that being said, if you're hunting for a HUGE poboy at an absurdly LOW price, read on.

The Palestinian brotherhood has taken an old Circle K store north of the LSU Campus and put together one of the sweetest little delis I have yet seen. This place cranks out the vittles, and you can't help but wonder how they afford it. They've almost got to be sleeping in cardboard boxes somewhere so as to save enough money to pull this off.

The Save-More is just a convenience store serving the neighborhood behind it. Lots of walk-in business wanting alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets—you know the deal. But they also serve a lot of elderly folks and single mothers on food stamps; therefore they keep an extensive, low-cost meat selection with a herd of folks there to slice it up for you. Steaks, ground meat, block cheese, slab bacon, turkey necks a-plenty.

Somewhere along the way, someone got the bright idea to start making their own sandwiches. Whoever did the R and D really did his homework. Not only did a great bunch of folks upsize the poboy, they downsized the price!!

To wit: You can buy their regular po-boy in shrimp, oyster, roast beef—all the usual varieties for less than five bucks. Many of you won't be surprised at that, but wait till I tell you this goomer is about 18 inches long and stuffed to the breaking point!! I know your eyebrow just went up and parted your hair. Grown men have wiped out on this monster.

And—if you're feeding a crowd, they make a large version (that's 36 inches) of the same thing for just less than double the price. I have seen contractors put entire construction crews into nappy land for less than 20 dollars. And it's good stuff too.

I know, I know. It's not really a poboy unless a grizzled old geezer named Joe from the 9 th ward gives it to you along with a story of how he invented it. But at these prices, you can overlook a lot and still get fed. And has Joe ever even thought about a bacon and egg poboy?

Do I have your attention now, cher?

There are cold sandwiches too. And my personal favorite—the hot wing special. I buy the 10-wing special (that's 10 WHOLE chicken wings, not just the drummies) in buffalo sauce, a salad, bread and fries for way less than $5 at this writing. What else do you want?

Part of the ambience are the specials posted on the wall around the deli. No fancy soft-drink menu boards. The lads pulled out bright poster boards and some sharpies, and put together meat specials to drive the neighborhood wild. And the name for the specials must have come from whatever was in their mind at the moment of creation: witness the Spider Special, the Ray, the Six-Pack, and the Drive-By Special.

You've got to go, at least once. Go in the store, hang a left to the counter, and when someone makes eye contact, give them your order. Their English is not the best, but they're really in there pitching and they really want to make you happy. And the live entertainment provided by the neighborhood folks trying to get their meat cut to specs in loud, slow English is the best free show in town.