OUR TURN: The process begins to find a way out of the state's budget deficit

Our Turn Video: The process begins to find a way out of the state's budget deficit

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - And so now, the rubber meets the road. Louisiana's new governor has called the legislature into special session and beginning this weekend, they will start the process of trying to find a way out of our state's huge budget deficit.

Our blueprint for the session is simple. We want the best consideration given to solutions that will provide long term financial stability for the state government. No one wants to pay more taxes, so there can't be a better time to examine wasteful or inefficient spending.

Our government leaders should know that we're not at all interested in political grandstanding during this session.

Lastly, our lawmakers should understand that we're counting on them. The state's budget is an abstract concept for most of us. Our household budgets are not.

We do not want the state budget mess to become an overall drag on Louisiana's economy. We already have some other problems there. Please don't make them worse by offering us poor leadership in this special session.

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