Baton Rouge groups collect water for Flint, MI

Baton Rouge groups collect water for Flint, MI

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Two groups in Baton Rouge are sending help to Flint, Michigan, where the residents are dealing with unsafe drinking water.

Volunteers were out Saturday morning on Southern University's campus taking donations of bottled water for OperationH2O.

Saturday's water drive was organized by the Baton Rouge Lodges and Chapters of the King George Grand Lodge and Queen Vashti Grand Chapter.

There were at least 25 cases ready to be sent off. The goal was to collect about 1,000 cases.

"It feels great. This is what we do. Charity is one of the main components of the organization of free masonry and this is what we feel we need to do," said Jonathan Dearbone.

Bottles will also be sent to St. Joseph, Louisiana, where homeowners are dealing with a similar water issue. The organizations will hold another drive to collect more bottles for St. Joseph on Saturday, February 27 at the Wesley Foundation on Southern's campus.

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