Power of 9 super volunteer is way behind the scenes

Power of 9: Brett Henchy (January)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - She is quiet as a mouse in the back of every Troop 7 Boy Scout meeting. She has a table on which to work in St. Aloysius' School cafeteria.

Brett Henchy volunteers to be the glue that holds the troop together. She's a member of St. Aloysius Church's Boy Scout committee, but it's far more than that.

Henchy's son is an adult now, no longer a Boy Scout and yet his mother continues to volunteer and attend every meeting.

"My son's 28 now, and he got his Eagle, I guess when he was 16," Henchy explained. "And he kind of hung around a little after that."

Henchy also works tirelessly on the fundraisers for the troop, again lending her organizational skills to their mega-Jambalaya dinner sale every year.

On one Tuesday night, the boys worked in the Scout barn for their troop meeting, to be followed by lessons in knot-tying.

Henchy does not "mother" anyone. She doesn't track their every movement. Instead she oversees and polices the mega amount of paperwork that Boy Scouts entails.

She punches holes in documents to keep them in a giant white binder. Every form has its place. Other binders handle other issues. Her handwriting in blue ink is neat as a pin.

"I've always been kind of an organizer, you know. You've got a troop run by ME," she added with a snicker. "They're not always great at organization, though. It was easy to come in and, see something and say, 'Oh I can do that, and I can do THAT.'"

Her smile was with a wink since many men who are parents are standing around her.

"Yeah she's been around long enough, she has what is called 'institutional knowledge,'" said Troop leader Mark Ford. "So if we forget that we have re-chartering to do or a tour permit to do at some time, or some other paperwork like some permission slips were due a couple of weeks ago. That's the kind of stuff we forget, but she makes sure that stuff gets done."

As she received hugs and handshakes from boys and their parents alike, Henchy had a bewildered look on her face. She really didn't know why sh was being honored for her volunteer work! But her involvement means so much to the boys.

From their base at St. Aloysius, they have seen the world both urban and wild. They've slept with the fishes on boats in the Florida Keys. They paddled the far northern boundary waters of America in Canada. They've scaled the peaks of the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. They've camped all over the South. They've volunteered at dozens of locations in their community, staging big work days. And always helping them get there is Brett Henchy.

A soft-spoken woman managing the mountains of paperwork needed to be signed and delivered for each and every activity, for each and every scout.

Henchy was asked when she might throw in the towel and she waved it off.

"Long as the troop keeps it going, I'll keep going!" she said.

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