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Contact 9: Hundreds of tires block Baton Rouge property sale

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A pile of old junk tires in North Baton Rouge has gotten so big that one man claims it has blocked his chances of selling his home. He claims a tire shop has turned his property into a dump. 

Every time William Ruth, Jr. steps outside his house, he sees a mountain of old rotting tires stacked behind BJ's Tire Shop, the business next door. 

"It's over 1.000 tires there, and they hold a lot of mosquitoes there. From that pole over there all the way to this fence, that's my property," Ruth said. 

Ruth owns the land between his house and BJ's Tire Shop. He said the tires started rolling onto his property about a year ago, when BJ's opened for business. 

"It started on the other side of that pole right there, went that way and started coming this way," Ruth explained. 

He said the tires have become a haven for mosquitoes, and they are a fire hazard. What is worse, Ruth said the eyesore is keeping him from selling his home. 

"A couple of people wanted to look at the property, but looking at the tires that's just a turn off to them," Ruth said. 

Ruth said, in October, the owner of BJ's promised he would start moving the tires off of his lot. However, Ruth said it has only gotten worse. He has called the city-parish for help, but because the tires are on private property, there is not much they can do. 

"I'm fed up with it," Ruth said. 

9News attempted to talk to the owner of BJ's Tire Shop, but a worker said the owner was not there. 

Ruth said his conversations with the owner have gone nowhere. 

"I told him the talking is over. It's time to get something done," Ruth said. 

Ruth said even if that means taking the owner to court. 

The owner of BJ’s Tire Shop did not return WAFB’s telephone calls. 

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