Lawyer says teen client is innocent of triple murder

Lawyer says teen client is innocent of triple murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The lawyer for a teen accused of murdering three people is firm that his client is innocent and believes that will be proven during his upcoming trial.

"I believe they have identified the wrong individual as the shooter," said defense attorney Tommy Damico. "At best it's a case of mistaken identity, at worst it's a purposeful misidentification."

Nakeydran Williams is now 17-years-old and has been sitting in the East Baton Rouge Prison since his arrest in 2014. He is accused of killing three people and wounding a fourth during a shooting at a party at the Baker Civic Club.

Although dozens of people were there when the shooting occurred, Damico says only three identified Williams as the shooter.

"One was his girlfriend who initially identified him, but later recanted her statement," he explained. "When the trial comes along, I think it will be obvious to the jurors that they had ulterior motives to deflect attention off another person."

Damico believes the shocking murders pressured police to make a quick arrest.

"I believe that you're going to see that there are problems with regards to the investigation," Damico said.

The case was investigated by the Baker Police Department.

"We have a solid investigation. There was no rush," said Police Chief Mike Knapps. "We got the information we need and we got the right guy in jail."

The case will be presented to a jury on February 22, 2016. If convicted, Williams could face life in prison.

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