Mary Landrieu's son arrested on cruelty to juveniles charge after 2-year-old taken to hospital

Mary Landrieu's son arrested on cruelty to juveniles charge after 2-year-old taken to hospital

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Former Senator Mary Landrieu's son was arrested Sunday after his 2-year-old son was brought into a Baton Rouge hospital with bruises.

Frank Conner Snellings, 23, was arrested and charged with cruelty to juveniles.

According to a report by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, the child's mother took the 2-year-old to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, where the medical staff notified law enforcement of the possible child abuse case.

Medical staff told deputies that the child had a bruise covering most of the left side of the child's face and had finger marks that were bigger than a child's on both inner thighs as well as a bruise in the center of the victim's back. The deputies were informed that the marks on the thighs and back "had to have been caused by excessive trauma to the area" and that the bruise on the back was from a hard blow that "caused a spinal process to damage the skin."

According to the report, the medical staff said the victim had eczema on a part of his upper back near his neck and that it could have been the cause for scratches to his chest. However, the eczema would not account for the bruising to the face and back.

The child's mother told deputies that she had last seen the 2-year-old around 6:30 p.m. Saturday and that when the child left with Snellings for a birthday party, the victim did not have any marks or scratches on him.

The mother stated that Snellings returned two hours later with the boy, who was shirtless. She took the child inside and locked Snellings out of her house. Deputies were called out to the house after a complaint by the mother of a disturbance. When deputies arrived, they found Snellings, who seemed to be drunk, outside the house.

Deputies took Snellings into custody as the mother took the victim to the hospital.

Snellings told deputies that the 2-year-old was never out of his sight and that he never struck the victim or saw what could have hurt him. He stated that he only touched the child to change a diaper and that it could not explain the finger marks on his legs.

Snellings was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison before being released on a $10,000 bond.

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