Ascension Parish leaders launch new online search tool

Ascension Parish leaders launch new online search tool

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Ascension Parish officials have launched a new online search tool that puts a wealth of information at everyone's fingertips.

It also directly connects homeowners with government officials who can directly address individual concerns.

Ascension Parish IT manager, Brandon O'Deay, helped create the online search tool which now allows residents or visitors to simply type in an address and instantly find churches, fire stations, medical facilities, police and sheriff's locations nearest them.

"If you go up to the top of the page and click the magnifying glass, it's going to give you, in this case, all the government services that are available to your address," O'Deay said.

If anyone want to know who is their councilman, whether their property is in a flood zone, or even where they are supposed to vote on Election Day, the search tool tells them and gives out turn-by-turn directions.

The website is also linked to YourGOV, a site where residents currently report non-emergencies such as storm damage or road blocks.

"If you want to report a tree down in the road, you can use this app, and it's tied in with these mapping applications so that you can put in a request to have the tree cut up and removed from the road," O'Deay said.

It can be done from a desktop or through a tablet or cell phone.

"More and more people are getting away from using the desktop computer and relying more and more on their mobile devices. That was absolutely key to make sure this worked on common smart phones," O'Deay said.

O'Deay said the idea is to be able to get residents the information they need quick when it counts. Ascension Parish officials said, because their own employees created the new search tool, it was done at no cost to taxpayers.

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