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Parents face cruelty, other charges after baby allegedly found alone in 'horrific living conditions'

Hollis Banks (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office) Hollis Banks (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Jasmine Rose (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office) Jasmine Rose (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)

A father and mother face several charges after investigators said their baby was found alone inside a home Monday with what was described as "horrific living conditions."

"The living conditions were just horrible," said Sgt. Don Coppola of the Baton Rouge Police Department. "There appeared to be animal feces, spoiled rotten food and what appeared to be drug paraphernalia throughout the residence."

The East Baton Rouge Parish Prison reported Jasmine Rose, 24, and Hollis Banks, 25, were booked on charges of cruelty to juveniles, child desertion, criminal abandonment and resisting an officer with force. Rose’s bond was set at $40,000.

Banks was also booked on a bench warrant. His bond was set at $45,000.

According to the probable cause report, officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department were called out to a home on Underwood Drive to assist a bail bondsman on a case. Police said they yelled for someone to answer the door and then walked inside to find out whether there was some type of emergency.

Investigators reported finding an infant about a year old on a bed wearing a diaper that appeared to have not been "changed in quite a while." They added there was animal feces, spoiled food, rotten food and drug paraphernalia throughout the home.

"It was pretty horrible not only for this child but for any other human to live in these types of conditions," said Sgt. Coppola.

Investigators also stated no adults were in the home.

According to the report, about an hour and a half after police arrived on the scene, the child’s mother and father returned home. They were then arrested.

There is no word how long the baby was home alone before police arrived.

Police said an investigator with the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services was also called out to the scene. The report stated the investigator released the child to a grandparent who was at the scene. 

Banks and Rose have been arrested before. Banks was previously arrested on domestic violence and other child endangerment charges. 

Records also show the couple had a second child. That baby, Hollis Banks, Jr., died in 2014 at four months old, suffocating from unsafe sleeping conditions. The coroner ruled that an accident. 

Neighbor Kemp Thomas said this week's news is no surprise. 

Thomas said Banks and Rose are just the latest round of bad activity to come from this property. 

"It's nothing but trouble," said Thomas. 

Thomas, a Vietnam veteran living on Underwood Ave. for 30 years, said what happened Monday morning shows how far this neighborhood has gone down hill. 

"It's very frustrating to see that don't nobody else care about this 70805 area," said Thomas. "We need officers and we need people who care about the neighborhood."

The investigation is ongoing.

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