Crime Stoppers: One night, two murders, no answers

Crime Stoppers: One night, two murders, no answers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With each passing day, two Baton Rouge families continue to hold out hope that a killer will be found.

What they keep running into though is the code of silence that seems to invade many neighborhoods, like the Glen Oaks area. It's a part of town visited frequently by deputies. While the area is full of hardworking law-abiding people, it is the others that often grab the headlines.

Sgt. Roger Corcoran is one of the deputies that has seen what the worst can do when they decide to prey on others.

"We've had quite a few shootings in the area.  We've been in here patrolling hard trying to stop the crime."

It hasn't stopped yet, and there's still a long way to go. It's already too late for a pair of teenagers killed back on January 31, 2012.

"It was my child and my cousin.  Both killed for no reason," said Patricia Blakes.

She just had to sit through another anniversary of her son's death. This past weekend proving very difficult.

Irise Blakes, 19, and  Carlton Smith, 18, were walking down Maplewood when they were stopped, robbed, shot and killed.

Ms. Blakes drove around with her heart on her car windows for a time. Something to remind her, and anybody else who was looking, of that loss suffered. And to add insult to this incredible injury, a familiar roadblock has popped up. Nobody is talking.

"You give people power when you don't say anything and you know they did something wrong," said Lashunda Smith, Carlton's mother. "When you talk
they lose their power."

Carlton was her oldest child, getting ready to go to college. Her other kids have seen how quickly those dreams can be ripped away now. It's hard on them, and hard on a mother trying to keep them safe now.

"Now with my other children, I have to limit them to what they do and that's not living for them," she said.

And sometimes, even the simplest of tasks can bring here right back to her loss.

"I'm in the grocery story, people start staring. Is that the one who pulled the trigger? Do they know what happened to my son because they know I'm Carlton's mom."

The day-to-day is very difficult. She presses on for her other kids. Patricia Blakes tried to give everything she could to her son, now he's gone as well.

Two families ripped apart, and as Mrs. Smith said, because nobody is talking, the killers have all the power. Let's see if we can take a little of that back.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.

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