Krewe Mystique, Orion delight crowds in Baton Rouge

Krewe Mystique, Orion delight crowds in Baton Rouge
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - From the lavish costumes to the revelers, it was a day-long party as two local krewes paraded through downtown Baton Rouge.

"I love parades, I love coming out here with all my family all of them over there - always exciting to be at the parade," said parade goer Ketra Florida.

Krewe Mystique set the day off on the right foot as they rolled through Baton Rouge early Saturday afternoon.

One of the most popular men along the parade route is Rudy Landry. At 83, "Papa Rudy" has been a part of the krewe since 1980.

"My favorite thing about parading is throwing good throws to young kids. I love to do that," Landry said. "All I throw is little stuffed animals. 90 percent of them will say, 'Thank you, thank you.' And that makes you feel good."

The carnival celebration was just as exciting for first-time parade goers, including 7-year-old Carmen Mueller, who proudly collected beads.

"I like that they're all big and shiny," she said.

The Wimsatt brothers also took in their first Mardi Gras parade. They moved to Baton Rouge just last year.

"This is one of the best parades I've ever been to. My favorite part is just the big beads - I'm pretty sure they weigh a pound right now," said Morgan Wimsatt, 13.

"It's awesome because I get to spend time with my family," said Christiana Wimsatt, 10.

As the sun set, a second Krewe rounded the corner onto River Road before winding through downtown Baton Rouge: the Krewe of Orion.

Their lights, fanciful costumes, giant floats, and throws delighted crowds.

Carnival parades continue throughout the coming days. A schedule for the Baton Rouge area can be found HERE.

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