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Your Turn: Plan for Baton Rouge tram line sparks spirited debate on social media


This week’s "Your Turn" segment goes to Travis Richter. Richter and others engaged in a spirited debate on our Facebook page about the prospect of building a tram line that would run between State Capitol Park and LSU. Some people like the idea; others hate it. Richter says it will never happen.

In his words:

Cities with systems like this thrive, but this will never go in Baton Rouge because poor people use public transportation and being poor is seen as a sin in this state by the conservative politicians and their supporters. That is why the bus system and public education have been sabotaged and cut to the point where they can't succeed. Because they help poor people, the establishment cuts their budgets and appoints incompetent administrators making failure a sure bet. This has been the Louisiana tradition since Huey Long was killed.

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To join the conversation about the tram line, click here.

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