2015 Warrick Dunn finalist: Episcopal's T.J. Wisham

2015 Warrick Dunn finalist: Episcopal's TJ Wisham

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - People could say T.J. Wisham attracted a crowd, leading the area in rushing with 1,886 yards, and scoring a total of 26 touchdowns for his Episcopal Knights.

"I had one game where I had 17 carries in the first quarter, and the offensive coordinator asked me if I was okay, and I was like 'Yes coach, I'm perfectly fine. Whatever it is to win," Wisham said.

When the Knights lost their senior starting quarterback for most of the season, Wisham said he looked at himself in the mirror and said "I'm just going to have to step it up even more."

In one game, Wisham had 237 of his team's 271 yards total offense, scoring a school-record-tying five touchdowns, playing physical football with passion.

"When you're passionate about that game, your mindset changes and your body changes, so you get to a level where you feel like you're a different animal on the field," Wisham said.

In search of cat-like quickness, Wisham proved he's a different animal than most roaming football fields, with a decision he made in middle school.

"I switched out of PE and tried it for a week, and by the second day I'm pretty sure I was in love with it," Wisham. "With the flexibility and the strength you get with it, it's totally different."

Yet even with that footwork and balance, people will never see Wisham doing an end zone celebration dance.>

"He'll dance in the locker room after now, but uh, yeah that guy, he didn't bring attention to himself," said head coach Travis Bourgeois.

In fact, Wisham said he barely even opens his mouth when he crosses those white lines.

"I'm not a quiet person at all. I can walk up to anyone and say hello and introduce myself. When I'm on the field, most of the time I'm quiet. I just let my play do the talking," Wisham. "My dad used to always say, playing football since I was six years old and playing tackle since I was seven.

"You get guys all the time, even at a young age, who would get into your ear. And my dad, he was an assistant coach, he'd scream it on the field... 'Let your play do the talking,' and that's always been the thing for me. Let your play do the talkin."

The winner of the Sportsline Player of the Year Award will be announced at this year's Warrick Dunn banquet on Wednesday, January 27.

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