Father says his son's school isn't doing enough to keep children safe

Father says his son's school isn't doing enough to keep children safe

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - A Plaquemine father says school officials at the Iberville Charter Academy aren't doing enough to keep children safe and says he has the video to prove it.

Telron Woodard says he first got a call from his son's P.E. teacher who told him that his son had been in a small altercation with another student and that a 'few licks were passed back and forth.'

Woodard says he didn't think much of the call until he talked with his son and saw a video of the incident on a relative's phone.

"Oh my God when I first saw it, I was like this is my child," he said.

"You try to send them to the best school. You're hoping and praying that when you leave and go to work that they're in the hands of the right authority that's going to look after these kids and make sure that their safety is first and foremost."

The video shows Woodard's son being hit and slapped by another student before being hoisted into the air and slammed onto the schools wooden basketball court- kids can then be heard laughing in the background of the shaky, grainy cell phone video.

Woodard has been to the school twice to get answers and even met a police officer there and showed him the video.

"The officer said it's grounds for having the child arrested," he said. "I'm not that type of parent. I didn't come there and have another child arrested. That's not what my concern was. My concern was it seems like it was being swept under the rug."

Iberville Charter Academy's Principal D'Lacie Monk referred questions about the incident to the school's spokesperson. The spokesperson released a statement saying that the school system's highest priority is the safety and security of their students.

"We are bound by privacy laws and are not at liberty to discuss private student issues," Colleen Reynolds, a school spokesperson said through a statement. "We can however say that we take all concerns of this nature seriously, conduct a thorough investigation and take all appropriate

The father says he would ultimately like to see the school do more.

"I think about the one phone call that I did get from the PE teacher and it wasn't close to the truth at all. I'm like wow no one cares," he said.

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