Amazing Kids: Mathilde Fox-Smith

Amazing Kid: Mathilde Fox-Smith (January)
(Source: Fox-Smith family)
(Source: Fox-Smith family)
(Source: Fox-Smith family)
(Source: Fox-Smith family)
(Source: Fox-Smith family)
(Source: Fox-Smith family)

WEST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - It seems like our latest amazing kid excels at almost everything she tries. Mathilde Fox-Smith is a 12-year-old middle school student living in rural West Feliciana Parish.

However, her rural lifestyle has not kept her from having a large variety of activities. Mathilde is active in school clubs and sports, she plays the violin, loves to write short stories, and does a bunch of volunteer work.

Mathilde excels most in writing and music. Those were her first loves so to speak.

"It requires a lot of energy. It requires devoting time for practicing.  But over the years it sort of turned into more of an outlet," Mathilde said.

Mathilde performs for the Louisiana Youth Orchestra.

Mathilde comes from a long line of writers. Her parents Ashley and James are the publishers of Country Roads Magazine. The magazine was started by Ashley's mom, Mathilde's grandmother. She also has an accomplished author on her dad's side. James's father wrote children's history textbooks.  James says,

"It appears that she's gotten a little bit of the writing gene. I have to say that she's got it in far greater spades than I have ever had it because she genuinely loves to and has a passion to write," James said.

Mathilde is a published author herself with two of her short stories being published in a national circulating children's magazine.

"It was huge for me. I was so excited and it felt like a real milestone in my writing," Mathilde said.

Mathilde helped start up a student newspaper this year. She currently serves as the paper's editor.

"I have had the honor of being able to participate in our school newspaper as editor which I have enjoyed very much," she said.

Mathilde is also an excellent student. One of her teachers, Sarah Parkerson, actually nominated her for Amazing Kids.

"It was funny, the other day we take a bathroom break every day in my class and she asked if she could stay in to read," Sarah said. "I was like when we come back she would be reading just a novel, and she was actually reading the science textbook when we came back in. I was like 'oh my goodness'.  She's just so willing to participate, always interested, and excited about what we're learning."

Mathilde also participates in school sports. She plays on the basketball team and also runs cross country.

If you were looking for the most well-rounded student it might just be Mathilde. The state of Louisiana thought so too. Mathilde was a semi-finalist for Louisiana's Student of the Year.

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