2015 Warrick Dunn finalist: Zachary's Lindsey Scott

2015 Warrick Dunn finalist: Zachary's Lindsey Scott

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With Signing Day approaching on Wednesday, February 3, Zachary's Lindsey Scott is considering an offer to play quarterback at LSU.

"Overall it was like a movie. Anything that could've happened, happened," Scott said.

For the first time in school history, the Zachary Broncos won a state championship with a rout of John Ehret and their powerful defense. It was just another night at the offense for the star quarterback, accounting for over 300 yards of total offense and 5 touchdowns.

"He's one of the most humble guys I've ever been around that possesses that kind of talent," said Zachary head coach David Brewerton.

"The further and further we got into the season, the more and more we realized this dream could come true. There's no feeling like holding that trophy up," Scott said.

"Just watching him perform these last two years has been really special. Really has. You don't get to be around those type of kids really often," Brewerton said. "What get lost in that is what type of competitor he is. Losing isn't an option. They're high school kids. Some days you don't want to be there and you mope around. He doesn't have those kind of days."

Scott's stats for the season were just overwhelming with over 5,000 yards of total offense and 61 touchdowns either passing or rushing. Scott threw the ball 255 times and had only 5 interceptions.

"His numbers his senior year were much better than his junior year and I didn't know that was possible, but things he did his senior year would just look normal to us," Brewerton said. "And I would do an interview after the game and a reporter would say 'My goodness, Lindsey Scott'. And I'd be like 'What did he do tonight?' And they'd show me his stats. You just get used to watching it."

Scott's incredible numbers are actually just a small fraction of his story. Whether it's speaking about friends who have passed on or sharing thoughts on the Zachary team he reached the top of the mountain with, Scott's character, passion and genuine emotion shine through.

"I just thank them so much, for putting me in such a great position," Scott said. "I know I always get the limelight, but my team, coaches, my students, they're the ones that deserve it. And I thank them so much. I'll never forget them."

"He's the type of kid that our community has rallied around and bought into. Because, of the way he's handled himself off the field as well," Brewerton said.

Scott has already won Louisiana's Gatorade Player of the Year. Scott also won six WAFB Sportsline Player of the Week trophies in his career, receiving three in both his junior and senior years.

The winner of the Sportsline Player of the Year Award will be announced at this year's Warrick Dunn banquet on Wednesday, January 27.

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