Our Turn: 'You can't handle the truth'

Your Turn: 'You can't handle the truth'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "You can't handle the truth!" It was the beginning of one of the great movie monologues of all time, a scene from the film, A Few Good Men. The movie was about U.S. Marines accused of murder, but now we use the expression all the time as we talk about people not being entitled to the truth.

And nowhere do we slaughter the truth more often than in American politics.

Of the four major candidates for governor in Louisiana, one person spoke the truth, saying that tax increases would have to be on the table for whoever who won the election.

Jay Dardenne said it, and of course, he finished fourth of the four major candidates running for office. Governor John Bel Edwards and the others promised to find options besides raising taxes.

We all know how long that promise lasted, not even until Governor Edwards was sworn in. And so it goes. We cannot handle the truth, and since just about every politician in America knows that, how can we blame them when they don't give it to us?

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