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Ascension Parish woman paints hundreds of Zulu coconuts

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They are probably the most sought after throw at Mardi Gras: a Zulu coconut. And an woman in Ascension Parish uses her talents to make sure each coconut handed out is unique. 

Mardi Gras for Cheryl Lanoux means coconuts. 

She takes order from Zulu krewe members to paint coconuts that are handed out on Mardi Gras day when the parade rolls in New Orleans. 

So far this year, she's painted 550 with a unique design on every coconut.

"Whenever I'm painting the coconut, I imagine the person that may be receiving it, and I want them to have something very special so I try to make
sure I have nice designs on my coconuts," said Lanoux. 

Six years ago, Lanoux said her friend who rides in Zulu asked her to paint coconuts, and that's how she started. 

Lanoux paints different scenes and said she lets each coconut dictate the design. 

She said it can take up to 15 minutes for each coconut depending on how elaborate she gets with the design or just a few minutes with the faces she
makes with the coconuts. 

"I feel like it's an honor maybe to be able to do these and know that they may travel all over the world. I get excited to do them. I like to do them," said Lanoux. 

Lanoux said she has finished with her current order and added she is ready to take on more before the big parade rolls on Fat Tuesday. Anyone interested in ordering some coconuts can reach Lanoux at (225) 644-8122 or via email

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