Coldest Temperatures So Far This Winter Expected Early Sunday

Coldest Temperatures So Far This Winter Expected Early Sunday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is expected to be the coldest overnight/morning of the winter season to date Sunday.

Temperatures during the early morning hours are expected to dip into the upper 20°s in many locations.

We might even see a few mid 20°s closer to the state line. Bring in the pets and plants, but the pipes should be able to ride out this chill with little consequence.

If you live north of a line from St. Francisville, Clinton, to Kentwood then maybe drip the faucet just to be safe.  The winter chill will briefly come to an end beginning Sunday afternoon as high pressure moves to our east allowing for a return of warmer southerly winds.

The southerly winds won't last long as our next cold front arrives Tuesday.

Tuesday will have rain showers on the likely side.  This front is not expected to bring the severe weather the last cold front brought though. Temperatures will cool down by mid week.

A few showers will remain behind the front for Wednesday and early Thursday.

Things will dry out and warm up again as we move into next weekend.

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