The delicious case of the vanishing Girl Scout cookies

The delicious case of the vanishing Girl Scout cookies

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's no mystery. Every year when a sack of sample Girl Scout Cookies arrives at WAFB, it is subject to a feeding frenzy.

A newsroom populated by young hungry producers, photographers and reporters, plus workers from other parts of the building strangely develop a need to walk through the newsroom. It's all in fun.

We had a fresh batch delivered this week which means that starting Friday, your Audubon Girl Scout Council will be deploying little girls to sell as a fundraiser for all the things they do. There's a beautiful summer camp in the Felicianas.

There are seminars and field days, and fun times at meetings and visits to places where they learn about their world and perhaps future careers. There's no better way to raise money. Everyone is happy.

As I watched the cookies disappear, I dialed up the cookie spokesperson for Girl Scouts Louisiana East, Marianne Addy.

"We have digital web addresses where you can see the kinds of cookies we're offering this year, but there is no URL for purchasing online," said Addy. The idea is that the girls learn many things by communicating with people, meeting them, taking their orders, handling the money, delivering the goods."

You can see her point. So here is the strategy for our South Louisiana treats. Between Friday, January 15, and January 31, the girls are given time to make their personal, in-person sales.

They may do it by emailing you a link to their individual sales website, where you can make your purchase. But it counts toward her sales, and she handles the order. They may come to your door with the pitch.

Once the individual girls have completed their earlier pitches, sales are thrown open wide with booths at supermarkets, and public places. Those sales continue until March 13.

Then cookies are delivered, and some parents will front the money to buy up inventory because they know that seeing the Thin Mint box is so enticing, it sells itself. So you may see some on-location cash and carry sales after that.

What is pretty cool, is if you don't have a proud Girl Scout parent in your office (access to buying cookies) you can go on this website and plug in your zip code and it will list an individual Girl Scout you can contact for the sale.

You have been informed by a newslady on a sugar high. Commence snacking!

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