Our Turn: The state of Louisiana's budget is shaky

Our Turn: The state of Louisiana's budget is shaky

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - So Governor Bobby Jindal leaves office next week, proud of his accomplishments as our governor, and especially proud that he says he balanced the state budget every year he was in office. And now comes Governor-elect John Bel Edwards who says not only is the state's budget not really balanced, he says it's in even worse shape than he thought it was when he was elected just a month earlier.

Of those two evaluations, we'll take the position that Governor-elect Edwards more closely portrays the reality of the situation.

None of us ever want to pay more of our hard-earned income in taxes than we possibly have to, but we all want to live in a community of financial stability.

Some observers say that is threatened by the shaky state of the state's budget right now. In part, that's because our leaders have avoided making fiscally sound decisions in the past, and instead relied on gimmicks to finance our government.

The year 2016 represents a fine point in time to start making better decisions that are good for the long term security of Louisiana.

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