Crime Stoppers: Life taken, while his pockets are picked clean

Crime Stoppers: Braden Larvadain murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As he lay dying on the ground, some around him thought it was more important to go through his pockets than to save his life. That's a horrible commentary on our society, but that's exactly what police say happened.

It's the night of December 16, 2014 and 35-year-old Braden Larvadain is at the Duck Off Bar and Lounge on North Foster near Jefferson.  It's a pretty popular spot in north Baton Rouge. It is also the last place Larvadain was seen alive. Except by his killers who took a walk with him that evening across the street.

"He was accompanied by several males as he walked to the location where he was discovered," says Detective Sherri Harris with the Baton Rouge Police Department. "He was lured behind the business. He managed to stagger out to the front."

He was staggering because he had been shot. He fell not far from the bar, right across the street from it in fact. Right across the street from a very packed bar. Surely somebody heard something and came out to look? In fact people did come out, but what they did, according to detectives, is hard to believe.

"It was very heart-wrenching to watch individuals stand over a victim while he's taking his last breath," says Detective Harris. "Trying to hold on to survival, other individuals stand over him and dig through his pockets."

They took everything. To the point that Braden was a John Doe for a while. Investigators trying to figure out who he was so maybe family could be notified while he was still alive.

"It took detectives a long time to discover who he was and tell his family to get down to the hospital."

But it was too late. Shot and killed, robbed while he was dying. There is a family now looking for answers as police look for them as well. Who murdered Braden Larvadain?  Who thought going through his pockets while he was dying was the compassionate, human thing to do?  Heartbreaking at so many levels.

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