Town of St. Francisville attracting new businesses

Town of St. Francisville attracting new businesses

ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA (WAFB) - The Town of St. Francisville boasts beautiful scenery, historical homes and several places to eat. The staples that keep visitors coming back. Recently, the area made the list of places that are must do's in the state.

"We make a lot of lists," said Mayor Billy D'aquilla. "We draw a lot of tourists, there's a lot of stuff here. The natural beauty that's been preserved attracts tourists."

D'aquilla has been the mayor of the town for 30 years. He said, since that time, he's seen a lot of growth and change.

One of those changes is with sales tax revenue. He said it is up thanks to several new businesses.

"We have a new jewelry store, a boutique, a drugstore, a grocery store. That's all brand new. A new service station, beautiful new restaurant."

The new eatery, called The Francis, is a huge building seen as people drive into town on Highway 61. The owner, Jason Jackson, said a lot of people thought it was a welcome center when it was being built. Since it opened in October, they've had hundreds of visitors.

"We've had a great number of people, traveling all over to come here. So its been great," said Jackson.

The area on Highway 61 where all the growth has been concentrated may not seem like a lot, but Mayor D'aquilla said what they want is controlled growth, not a mass boom.

The mayor said the new stores, mixed in with the old, is a great addition to the many events they have. Not just the visitors who come in to check out the antebellum homes but also the cyclists who come to ride the trails.

"It's two kinds of people in the State of Louisiana," D'aquilla said. "Those who live and work in St. Francisville and people that wish they could."

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