Deputies inspecting fireworks stands and retailers before NYE celebrations

Deputies inspecting fireworks stands and retailers before NYE celebrations

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For many, fireworks are a tradition for New Year's celebrations and as people are preparing to ring in 2016, deputies with the State Fire Marshal's Office are out inspecting the state's 800 plus fireworks stands and retailers.

"There are a number of fireworks that are banned for retail sale in Louisiana and we want to make sure that none of those reach the inventory here in our retail outlets in Louisiana," said Deputy Fire Chief Brant Thompson.

Deputies are also checking labels, making sure warnings are properly marked and fire extinguishers and exits are up to code.

"We want to make sure that the facility first of all is safe for the public to enter," added Thompson. "They will be checking for fire extinguishers, but moreover they will check to ensure that the fireworks that are being offered for sale are permissible for sale here in the state of Louisiana."

Deputies are also working with retailers to go over fireworks safety for customers.

"Safety is a very important aspect in our business," said Devon Krusich at Louisiana Fireworks. "Fireworks are great and they're a fun celebration, but there is also an element of danger if not used properly."

Krusich says a number of their stores participates in annual safety events where, working with local fire departments, experts teach people how to properly light and handle fireworks.

"Use the ABC's which is always brace cakes," said Krusich. "Between a bucket of water, safety glasses, bracing the fireworks and most importantly, never re-light a firework that didn't go off that was lit at one time," he said.

Fireworks are not permitted in East Baton Rouge Parish and only allowed in some rural parts of nearby parishes. The winter firework season ends at midnight January 1.

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