Amazing Kids: Aidan Hebert

(Source: Hebert Family)
(Source: Hebert Family)
(Source: Hebert Family)
(Source: Hebert Family)
(Source: Hebert Family)
(Source: Hebert Family)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sometimes tragedy and adversity can cause you to find your true self.

Cousins Aidan Hebert and Bella Bowman were born 3 weeks apart and were inseparable. Bella was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That's when Aidan's mom Ami said she saw the true spirit of her son.

"He laid by her bed. He made sure only the people she wanted around her were in that room. He would make sure that she had the right movie on at the point. He was her everything," said Ami.

Aidan was very protective of Bella during her stay in the hospital.

"She's very important to me so whenever I was at the hospital and people were about to come in the door or something, and it was a doctor and they had their little badge, and I was like 'where's your badge," recalled Aidan. "I need to see it before you come in this room.' because I didn't want anybody coming in that room."

At age 7, this inseparable pair were separated. Bella passed away, but Bella's parents and Aidan are helping to keep Bella's spirit alive through the Bella Bowman Foundation.

"She always wanted to be with him and so I think that this is his way of remembering his best friend and honoring her and making other kids feel great the way she made him feel," said Aidan's aunt Kim, Bella's mom.

Ami believes her son's commitment to the organization will lead to great things.

"He wants to be so much a part of this organization and helping the kids and being at the hospital. He'd rather be at the hospital than at school," said Ami.

The foundation helps by giving sick children at local hospitals care packages and throwing themed parties. Aidan is always somewhere close by his aunt Kim helping anyway he can. Aidan remembers one young patient.

"He had cancer we went and he really loved iPads. He didn't have one, but he really loved them. I walked in the room and I gave him it. He opened it up and was like iPad...iPad. He was very happy," said Aidan.

"I know that he will always be involved also with my other daughter. I know that they will do a lot because they do so much now. And they see how much joy and happiness it brings to the children and families and to themselves," said Kim.

"He wears his heart on his sleeve. He is just this kid that cares about everybody," Ami said.

Aidan said one day he will run the foundation. And you can bet right now during the Christmas break from school Aidan is doing something to help children in need.

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