Holiday sales good for Baton Rouge small businesses

Holiday sales good for local small businesses

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In their 31 year existence in the Capital area region, Victoria's Toy Station on Government Street had their best holiday sales period this year.

"We had a great Christmas" said Katie Shoriak. We were up 10 percent from last year and last year we were up 10 percent from the year before, so we've seen an increase which we're really thrilled about," she said.

An early holiday spending report published by MasterCard projects overall holiday spending this year up almost 8 percent. Small business spending nearly matching, up 7.5 percent. It's data, the people at Victoria's, the mom and pop shop, can back up with reality.

"It's personal shopping," explained Shoriak. "We know our customers, we know our kids, we know what they got last year we know not to duplicate. I think it's personal service and we give back to the community."

This year, Shoriak says more people went back to the basics, purchasing family games, outside toys, cars and other traditional holiday gifts, showing another trend in this year's shopper.

"I think people want those kids off those electronics. They want them playing outside and they want to have family game nights and bring it back to the family," Shoriak said.

James Osborn at McLavy Limited agrees.

"It wasn't Christmas season in terms of weather but everything in terms of spirit and buying power and people being happy and proactive…yeah I was happy with everything," Osborn said.

The MasterCard report shows a decline in men's clothing sales nationwide, while online spending between black Friday and Christmas was up some 20 percent. McLavy's Ltd, the local men's retailer, is still crunching this year's sales numbers, but have a seen a spike in their online sales.

"We are making inroads in terms of our social media so we've had, for lack of a better term, some online sales via Facebook. Our Facebook has driven nice traffic too," said Osborn.

Showing sometimes the best buys are in our own backyards.

Official holiday sales data from around the capital region won't be available until after the new year.

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